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The main feature of The Curetube is the front access burp door. This feature saves time and space allowing the user to easily access the flower and monitor conditions. This replaces the need to stack totes and buckets and relieves the time consuming task of taking lids on and off or unscrewing bucket lids. The Curetube was designed to be on its side, when used properly it allows the user to monitor and burp literally hundreds of pounds in minutes. A similar job using totes and buckets takes hours or in some instances even days, which greatly increases labor costs and often times leads to product neglect which can make or break even the most efficient facilities. The Curetube allows commercial facilities to achieve craft quality and consistency even on a Mega scale.

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Turkey Sack

When dealing with such a high value product even a minor mistake can cost big bucks and tarnish a companies reputation. Relying on overprices automated technology, runs the risk of software failure and in addition can have added costs for updates in software. Why spend the money when it can be manually done in minutes with The Curetube. After all the aesthetics of The Curetube on a rack system keeps the artisan aspect of cultivation and passion of cultivator to be connected.

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