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Who can Benefit from the CureTube?

- Experienced Cultivators that seek to refine and streamline their process
- New Cultivators who lack knowledge in curing but want to enhance their flower quality
- Hobby Cultivators and Connoisseur who wish to elevate and maximize flower quality

Why is The CureTube Better than auto Curing Devices?

⁃ Manually burping a container is a great method to keep a close eye on your flower's progress. Fluffing or tumbling is a mandatory step to ensure even an consistent curing results. The CureTube offers better clarity on when and for how long to burp, allowing for optimal outcomes. Introducing an excessive amount of overly dry or moist air can cause harm and negatively affect the curing process. After all many cultivators take great pride in their work and having a hands on artisanal approach is very rewarding.
⁃ When dealing with such a high value product even a minor mistake can cost big bucks and tarnish a companies reputation. Relying on overprices automated technology, runs the risk of software failure and in addition can have added costs for updates in software. Why spend the money when it can be manually done in minutes with The Curetube. The aesthetics of The Curetube on a rack system keeps the artisan aspect of cultivation and passion of cultivator to be connected.
⁃ After all many cultivators take great pride in their work and having a hands on artisanal approach is very rewarding, and your customers will appreciate it.

Why is The CureTube Better than Black and Yellow Totes and other Devices?

The main feature of The Curetube is the front access burp door. This feature saves time and space allowing the user to easily access the flower and monitor conditions. This replaces the need to stack totes and buckets and relieves the time consuming task of taking lids on and off or unscrewing bucket lids. The Curetube was designed to be on its side, when used properly it allows the user to monitor and burp literally hundreds of pounds in minutes. A similar job using totes and buckets takes hours or in some instances even days, which greatly increases labor costs and often times leads to product neglect which can make or break even the most efficient facilities. The Curetube allows commercial facilities to achieve craft quality and consistency even on a Mega scale.

Are CureTubes Sealed?

Yes The Curetubes are sealed with a tongue and groove seal. Our lids are manufactured by precision plastic injection machines with pinpoint accuracy to ensure that the tongue fills the groove when snapped shut preventing air to exit or enter.
-The design of our seal is easily cleaned and doesn’t require any additional replacements like a gasket would.
***The Curetube does not have a rubber gasket seal for multiple reasons.
-Rubber gaskets dry out and crack, and need to be replace frequently.
-Rubber gaskets get dirty and are difficult to clean, which can often lead to cross contamination.

Does My CureTube Have to be on a Rack?

In Theory it does not need to be on a rack, however The CureTube is designed specifically to be set on its side in a rack to get maximum efficiency.
-If not on a rack you will not be using your CureTube to its maximum potential. After all if you are interested in The CureTube then quality and efficiency is important to you. So do yourself a favor and set you up a rack.

Is the Curetube Just a Standard Fiber Drum?

Absolutely not! There’s nothing standard about The Curetube. The Curetube is lined with a Poly-Foil Food Grade material to seal the interior and locks in freshness. Think of an oversized Pringles can, but what you’re storing has a lot more value and is designed for use for years when maintained and cleaned properly.

Can you Clean The CureTube?

- Yes you can clean The Curetube. We suggest blowing out loose particles with an air compressor and wiping clean with a non abrasive towel and isopropyl alcohol. However a more efficient way to use The Curetube is to use our CureSack, Curetube liners.
When cleaned and stored properly The Curetubes can be used for years. In fact we have users still using their same tubes since 2017.

How Much Material Does The CureTube Hold?

We suggest fill the Curetubes 1/2 to 3/4 full. This allows proper air exchange when burping, prevents material falling out of the burp door when opened, and prevents products smashing.
-Depending on density of material in The CureTube
-Large Curetube- 5-10 lbs
-Small Curetube- 2-4 lbs
-5 gallon bucket- 1-1.5 lbs.

Where Can I Get a Rack?

Rack Options
-The best option, is to build one to exact size needed using 1”x2” and 2”x 4”s
-Home Depot or Hardware store prefab racks. Depending on depth of the rack, it may have to be set off the wall a bit to prevent too
much overhang of tubes. Visit our IG page to get visuals on different racks customers use.