About Us

CureTubes and Quick Cure Bucket Lids displayed on a racking system
The Curetube was developed and designed to create a more efficient way to store and help increase product quality by giving the user control of humidity and temperature specific to their product.  This will help fix the old ways of very time consuming and inefficient methods.  These outdated methods involve a lot of guesswork and labor and are extremely inefficient for monitoring your product. The CureTube brings a solution that will give the smallest hobbyist to the biggest commercial industry experts a means to properly maintain specific parameters and store their product which in the end will affect the bottom line. Let's face it, it takes time, money, blood, sweat, and sometimes tears to get your product to the end user. The CureTube gives you the solutions that you have been looking for.

Easy burp lid: Burping is one of the most important steps in the curing process. Our easy open door gives you complete control of your environmental parameters. This feature will save you countless man hours and aggravation. 

Hygrometer: Allows you too easily monitor the humidity and temperature inside the tube without having to open. This feature takes out the guesswork and lets you perfectly dial in your desired parameters to properly maintain your products integrity.

Liner: The Curetube has a Food-Grade Polyfoil liner to lock in freshness. This feature lets you dial in your conditions without the worry of external dry or humid conditions affecting what's inside the tube.

The CureTube is designed to be placed horizontally on its side on a rack. The reason for this is to allow the user to simply rotate or roll the tube to gently tumble product, and with our front access burp door you can easily access the tubes contents and do away with stacking bins or unscrewing lids. The result is a more efficient way to monitor your product. One person can literally manage hundreds of lbs. in minutes, which saves labor costs and allows more time to be focused on more productive tasks. Using The Curetube in this manor allows commercial producers to achieve craft quality and consistency on a large scale.